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We help current and future generations of Norwin students achieve the most out of their education.

The Norwin School District Community Foundation works to help Norwin teachers, parents, and students benefit further from their education through grants, scholarship programs, community outreach, and more.

The Norwin Alumni & Friends Association is currently accepting nominations for the 2020 Class of Distinguished Norwin Alumni. Learn more.

Latest News

The 2019 Days of Giving Make Positive Impacts

Thanks to the 30+ donors and the contributions from every school within the Norwin School District, over $4300 was raised during the 2019 Days of Giving with over $3900 directed towards scholarships managed by the NSDCF and the reamining donations applied to STEM, Educator Innovation Grants and NAFA’s Fundraising for the Generations

Can I make charitable donations from my IRA?

For those age 70 1⁄2 or older and looking to help support the Norwin community through charitable donations, the Internal Revenue Service permits you to make a totally tax-free charitable donation directly from your traditional IRA account.

Honoring Veterans Day in the Norwin Community

This Veterans Day, consider spending time at two of the Norwin area’s hometown veterans memorials such as the Norwin Area Veterans Memorial, located beside Norwin High School and dedicated to Norwin graduates who gave their lives in military service to our country, and the Norwin Vets 2000 Memorial, located in front of the North Huntingdon Township Townhouse and dedicated to the honorable service of Norwin area veterans.

Now Accepting Nominations for the 2020 Class of Distinguished Alumni

The Norwin Alumni & Friends Association, in cooperation with the Norwin School District Community Foundation, is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Class of Distinguished Alumni. The 2020 class will feature up to 10 alumni who have had careers of distinction since their days at Norwin High School. Nominees must be graduates of Irwin High School, North Huntingdon High School or Norwin High School and have been graduated from high school for at least 10 years.