NAFA Standing Rules

      1. Board of Directors Meetings will take place at the time and place designated by the President. General membership meetings must have a two-week advance notice via email. Executive Committee meetings must have a 48-hour advance notice via email and/or telephone.
      2. The Executive Committee may conduct business by electronic means, if the President determines the necessity for prompt action. A copy of the proposed action and a copy of the electronic vote for each member voting must be entered in the minutes of the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.
      1. Membership dues, effective with the 2019-2020 fiscal year, are as follows:
        • Individual Lifetime Membership $100
        • Annual Membership $20/year
      1. Nominations for Distinguished Alumni will be accepted beginning on October 1 through January 8 each year. The DA Nominating Committee will present their recommendations at a Board of Directors meeting in January. Following the presentation, a final slate of Nominees will be voted upon by the membership in attendance with a simple majority of those voting to select those nominees who will be inducted the following May. In addition to Distinguished Alumni, the Nominating Committee may recommend to the Executive Committee one non-Norwin graduate for the Distinguished Friend of Norwin Award.

Standing rules for 2019-2020 adopted August 17, 2019.