Tax Information

Norwin School District Community Foundation (NSDCF) is an approved 501©3 charitable non-profit charitable organization. Your donation to support the programs and/or activities may be eligible as a tax deduction on your Pennsylvania tax form.

Businesses and individuals making a donation to the NSDCF receive an acknowledgement letter that may be used as a document for tax purposes. You should review your donation with your financial advisor and/or a tax expert to assure your donation qualifies as a tax deduction.

IRA Donations

You may be able to avoid taxes on your IRA withdrawal when you donate directly to a tax exempt charitable organization. Contact your financial planner or a tax consultant for the most current information on tax law.

Qualified Charitable Distributions

When you reach age 70 and 12, please review the following articles for information on charitable distributions.:

NOTE: As tax laws change over time, we cannot guarantee these articles reflect current practices. You are urged to review your plans for charitable contributions with a tax expert and/or your financial advisor prior to making your donation.