The NSDCF and NAFA: A Perfect Marriage

Norwin School District Community Foundation (NSDCF) was formed as a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit in 2007. Initially, the primary function of NSDCF was to facilitate scholarships. In subsequent years, the Foundation began to provide Educator Innovation Grants to encourage the enrichment and enhancement of learning opportunities for K-12 student in Norwin Schools.

Currently, NSDCF facilitates 24 scholarships that result in over financial awards made available to Norwin graduating seniors to help them further their education. NSDCF continues to provide Educator Innovation Grants and has taken on management of funds for the Norwin Vets 2000 Plaza and the Norwin Area Veterans Memorial. Other activities the Foundation now conducts are the Annual Day of Giving Drive, Education Improvement Tax Credit and serves as a conduit for schools and educators who wish to apply for grants.

With only a 12-person all-volunteer Board of Directors, the Foundation is hard pressed to manage all it currently does, despite its desire to be more supportive to the Norwin community.

In 2015, a small group of dedicated and loyal Knights came together to form the Norwin Alumni and Friends Association (NAFA). This group, although a program of the NSDCF, provides much needed support to the Foundation.

NAFA’s signature contribution thus far is the Annual Knight of Distinguished Alumni. This dinner event provides an opportunity to recognize and honor those Norwin alumni who have gone on to lives of distinction through their careers and/or community service. Honorees receive a plaque to serve as a memento of this honor. A second plaque is displayed on the wall opposite the entrance to the Norwin High School Auditorium. This “Wall of Fame” is intended to serve as inspiration to current and future Norwin students that they, too, can go on to live lives of distinction.

With the 501 (c)3 mission of the Norwin School District Community Foundation and the active participation of Norwin Alumni and Friends Association, there is now a powerful dynamic to partner with Norwin School District to enrich and enhance opportunities, for students, faculty and the Norwin Community.

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