Why is a high school alumni association needed?

Why, all of a sudden, is there this need to create an alumni association for Norwin? Perhaps, the real question should be, why has it taken so long?

High school alumni groups have been around for many years. Although there may be relatively few in western Pennsylvania, the eastern part of the state has had many high school alumni groups for years. This is also true for other states across the nation.

Individuals who attended private or parochial schools are very familiar with alumni groups. Private and parochial schools are primarily funded through tuition fees but additional funds are needed to keep the tuition sufficiently reasonable to attract new and maintain current students.

Why is it that there seems to be so much pride in being a graduate of a private or parochial school? Might it be that families that directly invest in education value their school more than those who contribute to education only through federal, state and local taxes? Perhaps in some cases, but those who formed the Norwin Alumni and Friends Association have a pretty high opinion of their alma mater!!

The Norwin Alumni and Friends Association (NAFA) was formed in 2015 with the intent to accomplish the following ideals:

  • To become a link between the Norwin schools and community
  • To be a ready source for alumni to locate past classmates and friends
  • To become a resource to Norwin schools and students by developing a pool of role models and mentors for Norwin students
  • To develop the power of inter-generational thinking/acting to offer solutions for school and community issues
  • To enrich and enhance school programs through volunteering
  • And, in lean times, to find ways to maintain the high-quality programs and activities for current Norwin students

NAFA intends to be a primarily a social group, one that provides opportunities for local and distant alumni to come together for activities, travel or just to hang out. To make this happen, we need “worker bees”. With many willing to pitch in, much can be done by each doing a little. It’s time for Norwin alumni to unite to keep our schools and community the blessings they have been.

For more information about Norwin Alumni and Friends Association and Norwin School District Community Foundation, go to nsdcf.org.