NAFA Bylaws Revised

The Norwin Alumni and Friends Association (NAFA) Board of Directors approved revisions to the NAFA bylaws on Monday, August 17, 2019. The revisions addressed two main concerns:

  • Effective immediately, NAFA membership will consist only of Life Members and Annual Members. Sponsor memberships have been eliminated entirely as the Board of Directors felt is was asking too much of the Norwin Business Community to invest in a membership and then also be asked throughout the year to sponsor individual events and/or purchase event program ads.
  • The Board of Directors were concerned that the dues structure established in 2016 was too burdensome, especially for the younger alumni. Therefore, Life Membership will be $100.00 and Annual Membership will be $20.00. Alumni who prefer to purchase a Life Membership may pay the $100.00 dues in one lump sum or provide a down payment of $20.00 with the remaining $80.00 payable within the subsequent 12 months.

Along with the Bylaws revision, the Board of Directors created a separate document entitled, Standing Rules. The Standing Rules will provide written documentation on NAFA procedures and operations. Currently, the NAFA Standing Rules describe when meeting may be called, sets the dues structure for NAFA Membership and describes the process for the nomination and determination of future Distinguished Alumni.

The revised NAFA bylaws and Standing Rules are available for review on our website.