Can I make charitable donations from my IRA?

For those age 70 1/2 or older and looking to help support the Norwin community through charitable donations, the Internal Revenue Service permits you to make a totally tax-free charitable donation directly from your traditional IRA account.

While the IRS requires you to begin to reduce your IRA by this age 70 1/2, by making a qualified charitable distribution directly from your IRA to the Norwin School District Community Foundation or other qualified charitable organizations, you will not be required to pay taxes on the amount you donate and your donation can be used against your required minimum distribution. A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) may thus offer a unique opportunity as part of your overall tax and retirement strategies.

Should you decide to make a donation to the NSDCF, your IRA representative can help you through the process in compliance with applicable tax law. Additional information on the process is available on our tax information page. If you have questions, please contact your IRS Representative or the NSDCF at 724-219-9260 or by email at and we would be happy to assist you.