Thanks to the Norwin Community for Supporting the NSDCF during the Days of Giving

Even as the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic hangs over the world, generosity throughout the Norwin community and beyond enabled a successful Days of Giving this year. Donors contributed over $9,800 to enhance and enrich programs that will directly benefit Norwin’s students and scholastic programs.

Scholarship programs received the majority of donations, totaling more than $8,000. Our five smallest scholarships each received $575 for their respective funds. Other scholarships that benefited from the Days of Giving include the Norwin Chamber of Commerce, the Michael T. Sweeney, Jr. RAK Fund, the Donald G. Kattic Memorial Scholarship, and the Norwin Alumni and Friends Association (NAFA) Scholarship.

Other Foundation managed programs that received donations during this campaign included Norwin STEM, the Educator Innovation Grant Fund, and the Norwin Area Memorial Fund. In addition, two new funds were created from donations during this year’s Days of Giving, the NSD Fine Arts Fund and the NSD Athletics/Activity Fund.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to all who support Norwin School District Community Foundation. Your kindness and generosity support Norwin students and programs that help Norwin School District maintain its reputation as a first-class school system.

If you missed this year’s Days of Giving and would like to contribute to one or more of the scholarships and/or programs managed by the NSDCF or if you would like to start a scholarship or create an endowment to support a school program, please get involved.