Support Norwin Students During the 2020 Days of Giving Beginning September 30

Have you wished there were ways to support Norwin academics like we do athletics? Well, read on and we can make your wish come true.

Annually, during the week of Norwin’s Homecoming Celebration, the Norwin School District Community Foundation sponsors the Days of Giving (DoG) to raise funds to support Norwin’s students and programs.

NAFA Veterans Day Shirts Help Support Pittsburgh's Pets for Vets

Thanks to the overwhelming support of the Norwin community through the purchase of our Veteran’s Day t-shirts last fall, we’re proud to announce that we were able to make a donation to the Pittsburgh chapter of Pets for Vets. The Pittsburgh chapter of Pets for Vets is part of Animal Friends, a non-profit companion animal resource center founded in 1943 to provide a safe refuge for the animal companions of soldiers as they left for World War II.

Cochran Funds Norwin High School Scholarship

#1 Cochran, a local car dealership group well-known to the region, recently donated $18,815 to the Norwin School District Community Foundation to fund the new #1 Cochran Toyota Scholarship.

The 2019 Days of Giving Make Positive Impacts

Thanks to the 30+ donors and the contributions from every school within the Norwin School District, over $4300 was raised during the 2019 Days of Giving with over $3900 directed towards scholarships managed by the NSDCF and the reamining donations applied to STEM, Educator Innovation Grants and NAFA’s Fundraising for the Generations.

Can I make charitable donations from my IRA?

For those age 70 1/2 or older and looking to help support the Norwin community through charitable donations, the Internal Revenue Service permits you to make a totally tax-free charitable donation directly from your traditional IRA account.

Support the NSDCF and the Norwin Community through the 2019 Days of Giving

The Norwin School District Community Foundation is sponsoring its 2019 Days of Giving in conjunction with Norwin’s Homecoming Week festivities that include the Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet on Thursday night, the Homecoming Court and football game on Friday night, and the Homecoming parade on Saturday morning. This annual event provides an opportunity for you to give back to your school community through a tax-deductible donation for educational programs and scholarships benefitting Norwin students from Wednesday, September 25th through Sunday, September 29th.

Support Norwin Students on this Year's Day of Giving

Join us in supporting Norwin Students, on our Annual Day of Giving. Donate Today The Norwin School District Community Foundation is proud to sponsor its annual Day of Giving on Wednesday, September 19th during Norwin’s Homecoming Week. During that 24 hour period, you can join hundreds of other Norwin community members, parents, students, teachers, and friends in giving back to the community.

Thank You Day of Giving 2017

Sincere thanks to all those who donated to this year’s NSDCF Day of Giving on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017. Your generosity provided funds to support our Educator Innovation Grants. In addition, one person donated to support the David J. Nelson Scholarship Fund. We plan to conduct a Day of Giving annually on the Wednesday of Homecoming Week.

Day of Giving 2017

The NSDCF is proud to sponsor a Day of Giving on Wednesday, September 20th 2017 during Norwin’s Homecoming Week festivities. Learn more about how you can help support the NSDCF and the Norwin community.