Foundation Programs & Philanthropic Efforts

The Norwin School District Community Foundation (NSDCF) and its affiliate, Norwin Alumni and Friends Association (NAFA), strive to support Norwin School District educational students and programs. Together, NSDCF and NAFA work to encourage philanthropy within the Norwin schools and community.

Scholarship Programs

The NSDCF oversees 25 scholarships to benefit graduating Norwin High School seniors in their quest to achieve higher education at a university, college, or technical school. Since 2007, total scholarships have exceeded $300,000.

Educator Innovation Grants

The Educator Innovation Grant (EIG) program offers competitive grants for Norwin educators in support of new, creative programs meant to enhance and enrich student learning. Since 2011, the NSDCF has distributed well over $10,000 in grants for projects that have benefited thousands of Norwin students.

Community Memorials

In addition to direct educational efforts, the Foundation manages funds and ongoing maintenance for multiple local community memorials so that a visible link to our community’s past may be remembered by all of its members.