Student Scholarships

The NSDCF oversees 25 scholarships to benefit graduating Norwin High School seniors in their quest to achieve higher education at a university, college, or technical school. Since 2007, total scholarships have exceeded $560,000.

...the NAFA scholarship offered me financial peace of mind that allowed me to pursue a second major and a number of extracurricular activities. But knowing that I have the prayers and well wishes of NAFA members has been invaluable throughout my college experience.

Hunter Stecko, 2017 NAFA Scholarship Recipient

Each scholarship has specific criteria of eligibility for the award and a selection committee that screens the applications and chooses the awardee(s).

Carol Terbot Memorial Scholarship
Dansak Family Scholarship
David J. Karas Scholarship
David J. Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Del. P. Nolfi Memorial Fund
Elynor Mae Bruce Sutter Memorial Scholarship
Fawcett Deslam Memorial Scholarship
Frank S. Keough Memorial Scholarship
Frank V. Benevento Memorial Scholarship
J. Walter Miles Memorial Scholarship
James L. Dudley Memorial Scholarship
Jill E. Fallone Memorial Scholarship
M. Dolores 'Dolly' Fink Memorial Scholarship
Michael T. Sweeney, Jr. R.A.K. Experience Award
Michael T. Sweeney, Jr. R.A.K. Scholarship
Michael T. Sweeney, Jr. R.A.K. Technology Education Scholarship
Norwin Alumni and Friends Scholarship
Norwin Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Pastarini Memorial Scholarship
Paul and Anne Smiy Scholarship
R. Neil Faust Memorial Scholarship
Richard W. Murdock Scholarship
Roy J. Martin Memorial Scholarship
Thomas J. and Gladys Sowash Stoker Scholarship